Galaxy GeForce GTX 780 Ti HOF On Its Way

Galaxy (which in other parts of the world is known as KFA2) had the idea a while ago to take reference graphics cards, completely redo the PCB, slap a bigger cooler on it, overclock the card, and sell it for a premium. While many manufacturers do this same thing, Galaxy makes its own 'special' version of the cards as well, often known as the HOF (Hall of Fame) cards. These cards feature all of the above, plus an unusual white PCB.

Now, according to a German report, Galaxy is working on its GTX 780 Ti Hall of Fame card. The report doesn't say much, except that the card features a non-reference power connectivity option (two 8-pin PCIe power connectors), which it uses to suggest a higher phase count on the VRM than on the reference, which is rather unsurprising. The report also indicated that while the card will still feature the standard 3 GB of memory, Galaxy has not excluded the option of making a 6 GB card.

Beyond that, and a picture, there wasn't much info. Supposedly, Galaxy will be announcing the card within about a month, with retail availability not long after that.

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  • tmk221
    price is all that matters
  • azzazel_99
    The 780ti with more vram would make this card so incredibly boss. That would close the gap essentially between it and the titan and would just make the 780ti's already achieved victory all the sweeter.
  • rrbronstein
    lets hope the VRM's dont catch fire again? And the underclocking from the bad BIOS it gets on reviews... lets hope V2.0 is better.