Genius Intros New Gaming Keyboard with Backlit Keys

PC gamers looking for a new backlit keyboard but aren't keen on shelling out big bucks, can purchase the new Genius KB-G265 for a mere $39.99 USD. It builds upon the previous KB-G255 model by throwing in even more anti-ghost keys and two additional USB ports for connecting a mouse, headset or other USB devices.

According to the specs, the keyboard features an all-black exterior highlighted by cool blue LED backlit keys, making it a great tool for cave-based PC gaming and lighting up a themed desktop. The lighting can be turned off on-board by pressing one of the hotkeys aligned at the top. Other hotkeys provide quick access to functions like media playback, web browser control and so on.

While the previous model featured 17 anti-ghosting keys, this updated model presents 20, allowing users to press six keys at the same time without causing complete-yet-accidental chaos during gameplay. The keyboard also provides a polling rate of 1000 Hz, meaning it supposedly has a response time eight times greater than standard keyboards with 125 Hz polling rates.

"Wire clutter can be a problem for gamers," the company said. "That's why the KB-G265 has recesses so the keyboard cable can be positioned so that it goes to the left or the right. And to better allow gamers to immerse themselves in the action, the KB-G265 has two built-in USB ports."

The new Genius KB-G265 keyboard also comes packed with eight silver key caps so that more important keys can be made more invisible. The Windows key can even be deactivated to prevent users from accidentally booting themselves to the desktop during heated gameplay moments (been there, done it).

The new Genius KB-G265 should be available now at participating retailers nationwide and via online e-tailers for $39.99.

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  • house70
    I guess this should be OK for people that don't have mechanical KB or the few that had them and didn't like it.
    Most of us, though, once we go mechanical....
  • maxiim
    I dont understand all these "gaming" keyboards with these stupid looking designs and whatnot...that sort of "gaming" style is setup to appeal to 13 year olds, and how many of those are on PC instead of a console. A gaming keyboard is more something like the Corsair k60, simple with mechanical keys....all the other "gaming""extras" are just useless
  • JPNpower
    Yeah, don't really care for the design but I love the cheap full size and backlit idea, and the capability for rapid typing.

    Even if you like mecha keys, this super cheap option is good for everyone
  • icraft
    "The new Genius KB-G265 keyboard also comes packed with eight silver key caps so that more important keys can be made more invisible." Ok then. :D But While it seems a bit cheap and isn't mechanical I love any keyboard that is built well and has LEDs. I'm a sucker for that.
  • Thorfkin
    It bugs me that the phrase "gaming keyboard" gets used so often to describe standard keyboards that add gaming-agnostic features like macro support or key mapping. In my opinion this Genius is not a "gaming keyboard" but just a blinged-up office keyboard. This -> <- is a gaming keyboard. It has features that are specifically designed for gaming and, in my own experience, make PC gaming a significantly better experience. I wish more companies would release a variety of gaming keyboard with a set of gaming keys like the Merc Stealth. That and I still want Steelseries to make a wireless version of theirs =D