GOG Offering Refunds for 'Dark Matter'

Indie developer InterWave Studios has been under fire from gamers over its 2.5D horror platformer Dark Matter. InterWave was funding the development of the project out of pocket, and when the money ran out, it turned to Kickstarter.  

Unfortunately, it was unable to raise the £50,000 it asked for. With no other solutions, InterWave decided to release the game in its unfinished state for $15. 

Gamers that played through the game were displeased by Dark Matter's jarring and unfinished ending. Due to the number of complaints that have arisen, Dark Matter has been pulled from Steam shelves, with the message that "Currently there is a known issue at the end of the game. The developer is aware of the issue and they are working on a patch as a solution." 

GOG, after becoming aware of the issue, posted via its forums that it was offering a refund for all customers who bought the game. "It's come to our attention that the gamecard for Dark Matter was not quite specific enough about the nature of the game and, as a result, it may be that some people bought the title with some misapprehensions as to how the game's story would end," states the blog post. 

"If you bought Dark Matter before 21 October 2013 at 15:00 GMT (when we updated the description to where we feel it adequately reflects the game) and you feel that the game wasn't as promised to you, please contact Support and they'll be happy to offer you full refund to your card or, if you'd prefer, games of equal or lesser value to the sale price of Dark Matter (which is $13.49)."  

For anyone who felt deceived by the purchase of Dark Matter and bought it via GOG, then it might be a good idea to cash in that refund. 

  • doubletake
    "If you bought Dark Matter before 21 October 2013 at 15:00 GMT (when we updated the description to where we feel it adequately reflects the game)"

    I guess you still didn't read the full article, cus you missed that gem.
  • jaguarskx
    If only more game sellers / distribution services were as altruistic as Gog.com.
  • joaompp
    @jag - Steam did the same thing, even took it down
  • John Bauer
    I don't know why they didn't use Steam's "Early release" feature for this, all of this would've been avoided
  • jasonelmore
    this is not a early release, this is a unfinished product that will never be completed, released on the store.
  • jaguarskx
    11781934 said:
    @jag - Steam did the same thing, even took it down

    I can't find any reports regarding Steam offering a refund. All the reports I have come across states that Steam has removed / pulled the game, while they specifically stated that GOG has publicly offered a refund.

    For example, in the following article the author stated:


    If you want a refund STEAM is refunding copies now I don't know if they've made a public comment but if you open a ticket and explain you feel ripped off and want a complete refund for it and a removal of the game from your client they are doing so.

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    While Steam may offer a refund, it is not publicly stated so getting the refund may depend on who you speak with and how well you are at complaining,..