The Infamous Google Barge Will Feature Sails

Google's been working on a new mystery project in San Francisco Bay, and it's gotten more than a few people talking. In a set of documents provided to the San Francisco Chronicle by way of a Freedom of Information request, the construction company working on the barge said that it would feature sails and that the structure is designed "to stand out."

"We envisioned this space with community in mind… a surprising environment that is accessible to all and inspires conversation about how everything is connected – shorebirds, me, you, the sea, the fog and much more."

In official documents the barge is simply referred to as the "San Francisco Studio" and is expected to be temporary, only operating from November of this year to November of 2014.

  • dsolom3
    How many ships did these barges sink? How many people they have enslaved? How many towns they have bombarded? What exactly did those barges do to deserve infamy?
  • warezme
    It's called headline sensationalism. A cheap unprofessional journalist attempt to garner attention for an otherwise uninteresting, badly written article.
  • vdaeven
    So, they'll be known as Sail Barges then? Will they make an annual trip to the Sarlac pit?
  • house70
    Why infamous?

    Oh, wait, that question has already been asked. Is this more infamous than, say, Apple's "spaceship"? Still being under investigation. LOL.
  • COLGeek
    Rumor, innuendo, idle speculation. Nothing here. Move along.
  • Non-Euclidean
    These are not the barges you are looking for.