Google Preps Remoting Chrome Function for Primetime

We noticed that the client landed in 42 translations about a week ago and seems to be ready to launch. What we don't know yet is what this feature will actually do. There are guesses, for example, that remoting will enable Chrome users to connect to enterprise apps from anywhere and anytime.

Host remoting surfaced in Chrome about a year ago in Chrome 7 and there has not much news since then and we are left with the notion that host remoting typically enables applications to provide certain features or services to other clients on a network. It's a pretty safe bet that this feature will affect the distribution of apps and services over a network in one way or the other.

And since we are already talking about mysterious features in Chrome, we should also mention the Aura window manager that has been popping up in Chrome occasionally since this past spring. You can launch a recent Chromium 16 version with the -views-desktop switch and the Aura desktop will appear as a simple, non-functional windows, which could point to a full-screen desktop - but that is a wild guess. Google's Chrome revision log does not provide any clues what Aura could be, so we will have to wait and see.

  • mortsmi7
    0.o Another highly informative article.
  • dread_cthulhu
    LOL, Google is starting to remind me of the US Gov't. Mysterious projects, no confirmation or denial of the existence of things, strange sightings... At least they admit they like to mess with us! LOL This looks kinda cool though... I'd love to turn Chrome into an OS that's not 100% cloud based.