Google’s Next-Gen Gemini AI Expected to Surpass ChatGPT

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In a recent interview with Wired, Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis explained that he and his team expect their next development to take over ChatGPT in its breadth and capability. The new AI development will be known as Gemini and integrate with algorithms used by AlphaGo that successfully defeated a Go champion in 2016. 

Gemini is still in the developmental phase and is planned to be a large-scale text-based language learning model that works much like ChatGPT-4. However, this system will involve newer algorithms and learning models that are anticipated to take Gemini beyond ChatGPT's current capabilities. Just earlier in April, DeepMind merged with Brain—another AI lab operated by Google. This appears to be another step in the same direction.

Hassabis goes on to confirm the development process will require a fair bit of time before it's ready to release. He expects it will likely be a matter of months before anything is unveiled. This project is a considerable undertaking with a hefty price tag to match. Hassabis suggests it could cost hundreds of millions to complete their targets.

The DeepMind team is also experimenting with how Gemini could learn. They hope that by creating new models and ways to process information, they will be able to expand its capabilities. Hassabis mentioned fields like robotics and neuroscience, as well as the ability to learn from the physical world, as ways in which it could become an even more vital tool.

One area that Hassabis expressed concern about is the necessity to implement more research into tests. AI can be tricky to evaluate, and finding ways to investigate its scope and performance will aid in understanding its capabilities and how well engineers can control the AI. This is crucial to preventing the unintended development of dangerous threats like malicious software using their tools.

The road ahead is rocky and uncertain, but plans are underway to enhance AI while hopefully reigning it into a manageable system. Currently, all we can do is wait and take advantage of the systems we have in the meantime. Check out the original article shared by Wired to see what else Hassabis had to say about the upcoming Gemini project.

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  • Metal Messiah.
    What happened to DeepMind’s first entry into language model, dubbed as "Sparrow", a chatbot that the lab claimed was less likely than other language models, but in the end it just gave “dangerous/confusing” and/or “inappropriate” answers ? Scary !

    Anyway, it appears that one of Gemini's key points would be its "multimodal" capabilities.

    And since it is based on a multimodal model, it can understand and generate text, code, and images. On the other hand, ChatGPT is a text-only model, which means that it can only understand and output text. This means that Gemini could be used for a wider range of tasks than ChatGPT. But I guess only time will tell.

    We can see a new AI-powered chatbot which is able to understand and respond to text and images. And then, Gemini is also said to come with abilities like memory and planning.

    If I understood this correctly, this means that it could be used to create new kinds of AI-powered apps that aren't possible with ChatGPT. Just take a simple example, what if, Gemini could be used to create an AI-powered personal assistant that could remember your preferences and help you plan your day ?

    There could be many possibilities. But we'll have to wait for the Gemini to be out in the open and see what it can do.
  • bit_user
    It'd be somewhat ironic if they had an even more complex AI model to oversee Gemini, make sure it doesn't go off the rails, and avoid it being abused. Maybe a little like a frontal lobe.
  • cryoburner
    Metal Messiah. said:
    Just take a simple example, what if, Gemini could be used to create an AI-powered personal assistant that could remember your preferences and help you plan your day ?
    Good morning, today you will spend the next several hours hiding from the machines and searching for drinkable water. Then, at 2:00 you have a meeting with THE MACHINES... excuse me, you have a meeting with JOHN SMITH to discuss how to better avoid tipping the machines off to your location. You can be sure that JOHN SMITH is still very much alive and awaiting your meeting with much enthusiasm.