Google Glass Open to Public Purchases Again (in the U.S.)

OK Google, we get your trick: to slowly assimilate the public into the Glass collective one group at a time. For the second time this year, Google has opened its doors to the public, allowing customers to purchase the Explorer edition of Glass for the hefty price of $1500.

“We learned a lot when we opened our site a few weeks ago, so we’ve decided to move to a more open beta,” reads the company’s update on Google Plus. “We’re still in the Explorer Program while we continue to improve our hardware and software, but starting today anyone in the US can buy the Glass Explorer Edition, as long as we have it on hand.”

“We’re ready to keep meeting new Explorers, and we can’t wait to hear all your experiences and feedback to continue to make Glass even better, ahead of our wider consumer release,” the company continues.

The AR specs are offered in five colors: Charcoal, Tangerine (reddish), Cotton, Shale and Sky (blue). Glass comes with a cable and charger, mono earbud, pouch, and the customer’s choice of frame or shade. Frame options include Curve, Bold, Split and Thin, and the Shade options include Edge, Classic or Active.

Unlike the last time, Google doesn’t appear to have a limited number of spots. The company clearly points out that it will sell the Explorer edition to nearly everyone while supplies last. Google may then put customers on a waiting list until the next batch is pulled off the production line.

Last week brought reports that Google Glass parts may only cost the company around $80. If that is indeed true, one can only presume that the rest of the fee goes towards the money spent on research and development, and a dedicated team that requires a paycheck. A Google spokesperson said that the cost of the parts was absolutely wrong, but declined to provide with any additional information.

To purchase the Glass Explorer Edition head here.

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    Take off a zero from that price tag and I still won't be a first-day buyer. I really don't see the point of Google Glass, yet.
  • hoofhearted
    I need to make a "fake" google glass, stand behind people at the ATM and see if it makes em nervous.
  • drwho1