Google Debuts First Nexus 7 Commercial

The ad titled “Nexus 7: Camping” begins with a father and son seemingly setting up a tent in the middle of an overgrown forest, where they use the tablet to watch movies, play games, read books, and at one point use the tablet as a source of light for guidance.

Nexus 7: Camping

The end of the commercial proves that things are not always as they seem. While we won't spoil the surprise for you, we will say that it properly demonstrates the tablets real world capabilities, even when limited to a Wi-Fi connection.

Surprisingly, the ad doesn't include a starting price point at all and simply directs viewers to the Google Play store for more information on the tablet. The tablet starts at $200 for the 8GB model and $250 for the 16GB model. However, the 16GB variant appears to be out of stock on the Google Play Store at this time.


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  • zzz_b
    I bought one while on a trip in NY. It is a very nice hardware. Would not trade it for anything else out there at the moment!
  • CaedenV
    Man, I can't wait till my kid is old enough to go camping :D
  • kcorp2003
    i always thought camping now a days is to escape from the every day world of luxury items and technology. exploring and eat your kill (if its possible).

    But from this commercial. its telling me that the tablet doesn't run out of battery. until at the very end, i saw the house. lol