Google May Soon Design Its Own Chips with ARM

Google already has its own brand of smartphones, tablets, and mobile operating system, but it seems the company may soon design the chips inside those devices, too.

According to Bloomberg, Google is contemplating designing its own processors using ARM technology. The news outlet cites a person with knowledge of the matter that says the move would allow Google to better manager the relationship between hardware and software.

Though this could mean Google-designed chips for phones and tablets, it could also mean Google won't need to rely on Intel as much for server processors. According to Bloomberg, Google is currently Intel's fifth largest customer. That might change if Google's designing its own processors.

Regarding the Bloomberg report, a Google spokesperson said it is 'actively engaged in designing the world's best infrastructure' and that this includes both hardware and software design. The company refused to comment further than that.

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  • house70
    I just hope Google is not going to become something like Apple; proprietary everything and so on. Servers CPU, OTOH, would be welcomed.
  • JD88
    All of the other articles I've read about this don't say anything about the consumer market. This is for servers only.
  • PhilFrisbie
    I would also tend to believe this is for servers only. Using lower powered ARM processors could save them many millions in energy per year.