Google became unwitting mediary for Kama Sutra worm, affected 50,000

Mountain View (CA) - Due to posts on Google's official Google Video blog group that contained a link to a computer worm, the Internet search giant is now apologizing, with reports that some 50,000 viewers and subscribers to the group were potentially affected.

According to a post from Google on the group discussion board, three postings to the group contained the virus. Google says the messages were removed, but not until after they had gone live, and in some cases, been e-mailed to users.

"Some of these posts may have contained a virus called W32/Kapser.A@mm - a mass mailing worm. If you think you have downloaded this virus from the group or an email message, we recommend you run your antivirus program to remove it," said Google in its message.

The virus is more well known by its street name, Kama Sutra. If downloaded on a computer, it systematically attempts to remove antivirus and firewall protections, which then makes the system more vulnerable to additional attacks. It also corrupts files stored on an infected computer, including Microsoft Word and Excel files.

According to Google spokesperson Gabriel Stricker, protocols have been put into place to ensure that such a breach won't happen again. The company did not comment on how or why the worm showed up in the Google postings in the first place.