WWF Uses Google Money for Drones to Fight Poaching

Provided as a donation given as part of Google's Global Impact Awards that totaled $23 million, the WWF said it will implement a sophisticated monitoring technology that will help protect tigers, elephants, and rhinoceroses from being attacked and killed by poaching gangs.

The technology will be based on electronic animal tagging and "remote aerial survey units", signal receivers on the ground as well as guidance software for law enforcement to intercept poachers. Remote aerial surveillance apparently refers to the use of drones - a word the WWF and Google reportedly avoid due its military and negative connotation. The devices will be able to report the location of hunters, calculate the best interception path, as well as ground photography.

The WWF said that the grant enables the organization "to test advanced but easily-replicable technologies and create an overarching system to curb poaching. […] Our goal is to create an efficient, effective network that can be adopted globally."

There was no information how many drones the Google donation would allow the WWF to buy.


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  • derekullo
    I pictured a senile hulk hogan chasing down poachers ...
  • zulutech
    drwho1Exactly, WWE should fight back and win over their name again.After all who cares about this silly group?On the other hand the World Wide Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment **current name is lame ** is widely known with fans world wide, while the panda loving ****** will never be as popular as the REAL WWF.

    I think wrestling is stupid. Personally I like the prospect of pandas not going extinct much better.
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  • derekullo
    I pictured a senile hulk hogan chasing down poachers ...
  • robochump
    Awesome stuff! GJ Google!
  • madjimms
    WWF is fucking awesome.