HP is Now the World's Greenest IT Company

HP replaced Nokia as the greenest of them all. According to Greenpeace, HP scored especially well because its sustainable operations and energy criteria. Dell also surpassed Nokia by leading energy criteria and its efforts to reduce its overall emissions. However, both HP and Dell were criticized of not using "green" materials in their products.

Nokia still leads in green product terms, but is now down because of its lack of using energy from sustainable sources and its goals of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Apple, which trailed the pack in the last ranking, climbed five positions to the fourth place and was lauded because of its green products and "relatively strong" green operations. Its massive use of energy is still a problem, Greenpeace said.

At the other end of the scale was usually Nintendo, which is not included in the ranking anymore. Instead, Greenpeace is ranking RIM at last place and noted that "RIM needs to improve reporting and disclosure of its environmental performance compared to other mobile phone makers." Other companies that did not score well in Greenpeace's guide are Toshiba, LG and Acer.

  • alyoshka
    it's also the fastest one that's closing departments.... maybe the layoff are also adding to the green thing....
  • tanjo
    Green? Hehe more like blue.
  • igot1forya
    Topping the chart 30 years in a row is the Soylent company for their ever popular "Green" food stuffs.
  • feeddagoat
    haha RIM need to disclose more on their products never mind how green they are, oh wait, that never goes well when they do. It's ok, RIM will soon slide into irrelevance, be bought by HP and be lost and forgotten. HP could become the cleaners of the tech industry if it wasn't for all the wasted hardware that will be joining the kin and kin2 in landfills
  • jdamon113
    This is because HP dosent make anything. They buy cheap crap from China and put there name on it
    Hp is total garbadge.

  • ta152h
    They're also the most confused company.

    Besides, why do they call it green? Plants love carbon dioxide. Green should mean the company pumping out the most carbon dioxide, while fostering preservation of the forests and jungles.
  • GreaseMonkey_62
    Who gives a rat's bung hole what Green Peace says?
  • gionder
    I don't give a damn for it. I want quality products, nothing else. In the end, i'll still gather enough money to make my magnetic engine and then i'll laugh my arse all the way back to the bank.
  • dextermat
    This is BS....

    All the crappy laptop heading to the dump is not green!!!!

    Looking at "overall emissions" only is bias

    Newsflash Greenpeace got bought! Hp gave a few lappy to Greenpeace and voila
  • Thunderfox
    I guess they get some credit for liquidating the touchpads rather than tossing them into a landfill with all the ET cartridges.

    And of course, all of their CEO's are recycled.