Cherry MX RGB Switches Land On G.Skill KM570

Although G.Skill announced the availability of the KM570 mechanical keyboard just a few weeks ago, it made the surprise announcement that there will be three versions equipped with Cherry MX RGB switches, too.

The original release included KM570s with just Cherry MX Red, Brown, or Blue switches, and they all offered only red LEDs for backlighting. They cost $100; now, for $120, you’ll be able to opt for RGB versions of all three.

Standard Cherry MX switches with backlighting have opaque switch housings with an LED added to the top. Cherry MX RGB switches have a transparent switch housing, ostensibly to distribute the light better.

In the case of the KM570 keyboards, the RGB switches come, predictably, with the added benefit of RGB lighting. Along with that comes support for G.Skill’s configuration software, which could actually be the more noteworthy feature addition, because it should allow you to program individual keys, too. The non-RGB KM570 keyboards do not offer any support for G.Skill’s software.

The RGB Red and RGB Brown variants of the KM570 will be available “early December,” with the RGB Blue option coming January 2017.