After User Feedback, Gyoza Games Adds Features To 'Inbound'

Gyoza Games’ first title, Inbound, hasn’t even been available for a full week yet (it hit Steam on July 5), but the small developer has already released the first patch for the game, which adds power-ups for weapons and the ability to launch grenades at incoming projectiles.

Inbound version 1.1 hit Steam last Thursday. Over the weekend I gave it a try to see how the new changes affected the game, and so far, I like what I’m seeing. The update to the grenades gives you a long range attack to help thin out the barrage of incoming projectiles. You still get unlimited ammo for the grenades, too, so you can spam them into the distance liberally, but you have to make direct contact with your target to be effective, unlike the plasma turrets, which have a large area of effect.

Firing with grenades instead of always using the turrets also has an unexpected advantage. When you fire the plasma turret, it has a blast that fills part of your screen and obstructs your view of incoming distant attacks. The grenades explode with much less drama, leaving your vision clear to see what else is coming your way.

Gyoza Games also added power-ups for your weaponry. Occasionally you’ll get an upgrade box that will drop in from the sky. You used to get health for the colony structures from time to time; now, you can also get a more powerful plasma turret and larger grenades. The developers also added an audible cue to let you know that a drop is coming. And these updates are apparently just the beginning.

Expect more updates in the coming days. And keep the suggestions coming!,” said John Nagle, Gyoza Games’ CTO. “Inbound will not only be constantly improving for you but most importantly because of you!”

Inbound is available on Steam for 15.99 and is currently only sale for 10 percent off.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.