343 Industries Unveils Mission Cinematic For 'Halo 5: Guardians'

With Forza 6 out for more than a week, Xbox One owners should be getting the most out of it as soon as possible, because in five weeks, the company's biggest console exclusive is coming. Halo 5: Guardians is the upcoming title in long-running Halo series, and the developers at 343 Industries started the long countdown with a new video.

The footage is actually the opening cinematic of the game's second mission, titled "Blue Team." It shows the series' most beloved character, Spartan Master Chief John-117, with his old Spartan-II team, which includes three other members: Fredric-104, Kelly-087, and Linda-058. All four members started training together as children in the Spartan program and stayed together as a formidable group.

The cinematic shows the team infiltrating an abandoned Office of Naval Intelligence research building to gather sensitive information before its new residents, rogue Covenant forces, get to it first. The entire scene is a treat for fans who get to see not just one, but an entire group of elite Spartan soldiers take on an enemy force.

However, the game prides itself on telling two sides of the same story. The other part of the game will also focus on Spartan Locke, who is on the hunt for the Master Chief. If this first video highlights John-117's adventures, then it's a safe bet that 343 Industries will introduce another video featuring his evolutionary counterpart.

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