Square Enix Unveils 'Hitman' Trailer In 4K, 360-Degrees

To ramp up excitement for the Friday release date of IO Interactive’s Hitman, the fine folks at Square Enix have dropped an interactive trailer in 4K and 360-degree video.

The trailer is set in the Paris location from the first episode of the upcoming Hitman game. The video follows the titular Hitman as he stalks his target backstage of a Parisian fashion show. What really makes the trailer stand out, though, is the ability for viewers to explore the fashion show in 360 degrees. With the video playing, you can click the screen and drag your mouse around to see around the whole place.

The Hitman season premieres on March 11. Pre-ordering the entire season grants players access to all seven episodes plus additional exclusive content such as the Requiem Pack. The game includes weekly live events, including targets that will appear one-time-only, and for a limited time only.

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