New Game Plus, Ultra Hard Difficulty Comes To 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

Those who finished Horizon Zero Dawn will have a reason to play the game again. Guerilla Games just released a new update for the game that includes a New Game Plus mode as well as a harder difficulty.

If you already finished the game, update 1.30 will let you play it again with your current inventory and level progression intact. In New Game Plus mode, the gear that you want to buy will have an additional modification slot, which makes it an even more expensive purchase. If your character level is already 50 before you start the game again, you can’t progress further, but you will still gain experience points.

Whenever you start a playthrough, whether it’s your first time or in New Game Plus, you can choose the game's difficulty. Now you'll have another option: the studio added the more challenging level of “Ultra Hard.” At this difficulty level, the enemy machines are equipped with enhanced senses and are tougher to beat. Your health regeneration is also limited, so you’ll have to carefully plan each fight. This is the ultimate challenge for die-hard fans, and once you select the difficulty, you can’t change it to an easier level without starting the entire game over again.

The update's other additions include two new trophies that can only be obtained in New Game Plus, the ability to add different facepaint colors or patterns for the protagonist, Aloy, and multiple options for Aloy’s Focus device.

The update serves as a temporary method to keep fans entertained until the game’s first downloadable content (DLC), titled The Frozen Wilds, arrives later this year. The DLC was announced at E3 and the short trailer showed Aloy in a new, snowy area trying to reach a towering mountain guarded by a terrifying beast.

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