HTC Offers 'One' Users Screen Replacements for Six Months

Smartphones are wonderful machines, but they're also somewhat delicate. If you're in any way clumsy, you need some kind of case and a screen protector to protect your phone from everyday bumps and knocks that could damage your device. They may not look as nice as your naked phone, but it's better than a fatal knock to your pricey phone. Especially if it's only a few months old. HTC is hoping to appeal to smartphone shoppers with a new policy that will see the company replace displays free of charge within the first six months.

The company today announced a new program called HTC Advantage that will offer customers a one time screen replacement within the first six months of ownership. HTC Advantage also promises the latest Android updates as well as additional storage on Google Drive (how much depends on the device you buy). Anyone who purchases an HTC One, HTC One max, or HTC One mini is covered by HTC Advantage, but it doesn't sound like HTC has plans to cover current owners of the devices, or even those who have purchased any of the above devices in recent months.

Though the goal of HTC advantage is obviously to offer clumsy or unlucky users a free pass against a cracked display, this type of program could also be more environmentally positive if it were more widespread. With major companies releasing new phones every single year, the waste from discarded phones is growing at an alarming rate. Data from the EPA shows that of 141 million phones discarded in 2009, only 11.7 million of those were collected for recycling (unfortunately, the EPA hasn't published anything more recent than this). If more companies were willing to offer this kind of warranty, repair for reduced rates or offer a trade-in program, we could reduce waste as well as provide better customer service.

The problem right now is that HTC is only offering HTC Advantage with a few devices and only in the United States, so while it's a nice bonus for those who purchase eligible devices, it doesn't really have any larger effect on HTC users in general. We've reached out to HTC to inquire about future plans for the program. We'll keep you posted!

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  • dalethepcman
    For all the hate towards HTC, I loved my "Nexus one", and my "One Max" is the best android device I have had to date. My GS2 was great, but my GS3 and 4 were horrible in the build quality, durability and software load out compared to the GS2.

    Samsung's quality peaked with the GS2/GNexus, since then its been all about adding bells and whistles as quickly as possible without actually making sure they will last.

    If I want to buy a new phone once a year that should be my choice. Samsung's build quality and OS modifications made that choice for me. HTC adding this is just icing on the cake.

    Sorry to the across the pond HTC owners, hopefully you will get some accidental screen breaking love too.
  • brandonjclark
    My HTC One is amazing. Favorite phone.
  • plasmastorm
    Screw a replacement screen service, give us fucking software updates.