HTC Rumored to be in Takeover Talks with Lenovo

HTC was once a very, very strong player in the smartphone market. Maker of the first Android smartphone, and the first Nexus device, things haven't been all that bright for the company as of late. But is a buy out in the cards?

HTC, which last week was in the news over its split with Beats Audio, is once again making headlines. This time there's talk that the company may be purchased by Lenovo. According to reports that emerged today, Lenovo is in talks to acquire HTC. Word comes via Taiwanese-language site AppleDailly. The site reports that Lenovo went to Taiwan in August for a secret meeting to discuss a "bilateral strategic cooperation." Details are scant.

Lenovo doesn't have a great deal of marketshare in the phone business, especially when you look at the global market as opposed to just the Chinese market. HTC's reach would allow Lenovo to cross international waters a lot more easily, and the company has expressed a desire to sell its devices internationally. This time last year, Lenovo began selling its handsets in India and Indonesia, as well as the Philippines and Vietnam. The company indicated in late October 2012 that it would 'over time' look at markets like the U.S. and Europe but that it wasn't in the plan just yet. In October of 2012, Lenovo's Asia-Pacific and Latin America president, Milko Van Duijl, told the Wall Street Journal: "That is going to take us a lot more time to get ready for such and expansion." Would an HTC acquisition help pave the way for such a move?

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  • vern72
    The name "ThinkPhone" doesn't have such a nice ring to it.
  • greghome
    That would be great news for both parties actually. Consideribg price and quality of Lenovo smartphones, I'm all in for Lenovo's take over
    Currently running a Lenovo P780 myself which i got for less than $230
  • wemakeourfuture
    Only 2 players in the market: Apple and Samsung
    Sony has decayed as a company
    Lenovo, Dell, HP have struggled to make any product with traction in the market
    Asus and Acer aren't making any inroads
    HTC is struggling
    Sanyo is near gone
    Sharp is dying
    Panasonic is falling to their grave
    Nokia is on life-support
    RIM decapitated

    Either both (Lenovo and HTC) are prolonging their struggles or can be a viable third option
  • I don't see Sony nor Panasonic no where near death same goes to Nokia.
  • wemakeourfuture
    I don't see Sony nor Panasonic no where near death same goes to Nokia.

    10-20 years ago no one would have thought these companies (Sony, Panasonic, Nokia) would be reduced to 10-20% of what they once were. Natural cycle of business once a company gets too big and complacent.

    Nokia being bought out at a fraction of their value 10 years ago, and eventually will be cannibalized by MSFT. MSFT and Google will continue to release products under Nokia and Motorola brands for a few years. After a while those names won't be heard again.

  • monsta
    Its a good venture , I just don't see HTC growing any more on its own. Sell it while its hot.
  • tomfreak
    companies like Lenovo is one of the very few phone maker that actually understand the importance of battery life over extra useless CPU cores. Lenovo phones have 4000mah battery, not many phones out there have these.
  • shortbus25
    I would own a Lenovo phone in a heart beat! They already make the best business class laptops in the world!! This would be a awesome move for them and HTC may even make me stop buying Motorola phones!!
  • g00fysmiley
    Levono would bring somethign to the table immediatly that HTC lacks... they like and work to help thier customers. My wife has a evo 4g 3d and it is on 4.0 because that was the android OS out at the time. Another friend has an Evo 4g with 2.3 becasue that is what it came with at the time.... they do not update thier phones they just leave them for the users to either risk bricking thier devices or buy a new phone and somehow thought people would do just that... buy a enw phone for a new OS. Levono on the other hand is zippy abotu those updates. Heck on one of my tabelt a K1 it came with 3.0 honeycomb and got 2 updates to 3.1 and 3.2 right when they came out, hten when they announced they were no longer updating the tablet when 4.0 came out the released one last gift to thier customers a factory root kit, dev tools and 4.0 so you can yourself keep upgrading it if you wanted it, now that is my kind of company!
  • JD88
    This is a great idea. Lenovo makes excellent quality products and have the financial backing to turn HTC around.