Survey: Most People Not Interested in iPad Mini

A survey conducted by deal aggregation site TechBargains has found that just 18 percent of consumers plan to purchase the iPad Mini, with 50 percent stating they simply weren't interested in the revised tablet. Comparatively, 45 percent of readers in the survey said they were planning to purchase the iPhone 5 upon its release.

TechBargains believes the low interest in the smaller tablet is due to the fact that Apple fans are already satisfied with the iPhone as well as the existing iPad models. They added that consumers don't see the need for a 7.85-inch tablet, which is especially true when considering the number of similar-sized tablets already available in the market. So what would customers want from a smaller iPad?

"When polled on the most desirable features for the new iPad Mini, 78 percent want a USB Port, 77 percent desire a Retina Screen, 75 percent hope for a memory card slot and 74 percent would like better speakers than the current iPad," the site said.

"The survey revealed that about one in four consumers believe the starting price of the iPad Mini will be $299 and nearly one in five believes it will start at $399. When asked about the display, 55 percent of consumers believe it will be a 7 inch tablet. Additionally, 68 percent of consumers believe it will be called the iPad Mini, in line with the current rumors."

The survey itself was conducted on in August and drew in responses from 1,332 consumers.

As for the iPad Mini, which has been the potential reason for Apple's recent share price drop, the device is scheduled to be revealed on October 17, with alleged leaked images of the tablet recently emerging.

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  • Ironslice
    I hope it fails.
  • joytech22
    They are late to a market that is already saturated with devices ranging from super cheap to super expensive and every little caveat in between.
  • reprotected
    I would assume consumers want more universal compatibility and features rather than an iPad mini. It's just not needed unless someone wants a much smaller touch screen device, in which if they preferred an Apple product, the iPhone would suit it. It's not going to fit in a clothing pocket, and the 10 inch already fits in almost any bag or purse. There is no need to have it mid-sized, but hey, good for Apple if they can pull it off.
  • frombehind
    Holy shit... there might be hope for humanity after all -.-
    Can't wait until it fails. Of course, sheep will want to own an iPad Mini to go along with their iPad, iPhone, iPod. iDon'tCare.
  • sixdegree
    Nine in ten want to buy it right now if the price starts at $199.
  • bak0n
    Better yet, you can spend even more money and get an Ipod touch!
  • cookoy
    Steve Jobs cited some reasons why he thought 7" tablets would be DOA (dead-on-arrival). But heck, if others are selling a bunch of these, apple would like to grab a slice of the pie too. Hopefully the biggest piece.
  • Chairman Ray
    Pretty soon, Apple will have exhausted all possible sizes. I predict that they are moving onto shapes next. Launching in 2013 - the iPad Circle: comes in 6 different radii. Own them all!
  • halcyon
    I don't see the need for it but Apple will still sell a lot of them. My 13 year-old step-daughter dropped her iPad2 and shattered the screen. I've refused to get it fixed for her citing that she should learn a lesson. ...but maybe for Christmas I'll get her screen fixed...or buy this thing for her. {face-palm}