iTypewriter Brings Tactile Goodness to the iPad

Modern touchscreen technology has become a sort of standard for new gadgets. While they may be the backbone of the smartphone and tablet industry, many of us prefer the tactile and audible response of clicking away at keyboard. Luckily for us, there are a handful of keyboard attachments for all of the popular tablets out there, the iTypewriter may just be the coolest.


If you're the type of person who writes emails, documents or Facebook statuses for hours a day while on the go, tapping away at that boring tablet touchscreen just won't do. At least that's what industrial designer Austin Yang believes. Yang's design blends the technology of old with fresh modern gadgetry by offering users the ability to type away with all of the tactile satisfaction of an old school typewriter.

Unlike the previously covered typewriter USB keyboards, this crafty mechanical typewriter accessory was made by hand. Whenever a key on the iTypewriter is pressed, a typebar reaches across the iPad touchscreen to physically tap the corresponding letter. Unfortunately for us, the device probably won't be going into commercial production. While the device is certainly neat to have, the lack of portability makes the whole idea of a tablet kind of moot.   


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  • wolley74
    Or you could, you know, buy a netbook amd do the same thing for less, or get a laptop and do more for the same price
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  • Pennanen
    Reading these articles makes you wonder, who the hell buys stupid crap like this? Oh wait, apple people. Going to look really hip when sitting at cafee typing with one of these babies.
  • SlitelyOff
    Awesome! I just wonder how long before he types too hard and cracks the screen...Otherwise one of the cooler ideas I have seen in a while, no drivers required!
  • dauntekong