Amazon Uses Homepage to Take a Shot at iPad Mini

Apple's iPad mini competes with Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet and Google's Nexus 7 in terms of size. However, Apple's iPad mini is quite a bit more expensive and Amazon doesn't want anyone visiting its site to forget that the Kindle Fire HD offers more bang for your buck.

The etail giant's homepage has been displaying the image below for the last 48 hours. The side-by-side comparison of the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad mini is complemented by a quote from technology news blog Gizmodo highlighting the fact that the iPad mini has fewer pixels than the other 7-inch tablets.


" [... ] your 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer pixels than the competing 7-inch tablets! You’re cramming a worse screen in there, charging more and accusing others of compromise? Ballsy."

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that the company would never make a 7-inch slate (the iPad mini has a 7.9-inch display). "We would not make a 7-inch tablet. We don't think they're good products," he said recently, adding that the iPad mini is "in a whole different league" compared to competing devices.

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  • fandroid
    DSpiderI has 30% moar pixals????Ahem.... 1280x800 vs 1024x768.Yup. Seems legit.

    Yes its called math. 1024000 pixels - 786432 pixels = 237568 pixels

    237568/786432 = 30.2%

    You're welcome.
  • safcmanfr
    Michael13579It's news because it made you read the article and comment on it. Stupid me too.

    anything that educates the masses that Apple's overpriced, underspeced products are not worth the money is worth mentioning on news sites imo - the greater exposure the better
  • fuzzion
    Dont make fun of Apple. They might sue you.
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  • friskiest
    No 7" iPad, hmmm,. according to Conan, there should be more iPads on the way.
    Just watch
  • friskiest
    friskiestNo 7" iPad, hmmm,. according to Conan, there should be more iPads on the way.Just watch