iPhone 5 is Carphone Warehouse's Most Pre-ordered Phone

UK mobile phone retailer the Carphone Warehouse has revealed that the iPhone 5 is the most pre-ordered phone in the company's history. Pocket-Lint reports receiving confirmation from Craphone Warehouse that it has received four times as many pre-orders for the new iPhone than any other handset launch since the company began trading in 1989.

"Last week's pre orders for the iPhone 5 smashed all previous handset launches at Carphone Warehouse," says Graham Stapleton, Chief Commercial Officer at Carphone Warehouse.

The news is hardly surprising in light of Apple's announcement earlier this week that the phone had seen two million pre-orders in just one day. This is twice as many as the iPhone 4S sold in its first day of pre-orders and a record for Apple. That news actually helped push Apple past the $700-per-share mark the following day, the highest the company's shares have ever been.

Announced last Wednesday at an event in San Francisco, the iPhone 5 features a 4-inch 326 ppi, 1136 x 640 resolution display, the new Apple A6 SoC, an 8MP camera, improved battery life, 4G LTE, FaceTime over mobile networks, and iOS 6. The phone will launch in select countries on September 21.

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  • SmaugTD
    Why people, why?
  • xtremeways
    Pocket-Lint reports receiving confirmation from Craphone Warehouse that it has received four times as many pre-orders for the new iPhone than any other handset launch since the company began trading in 1989.

  • silverblue
    If you could +1 an author just for that... :P It's definitely not a surprise about the pre-order figures... or the two-week delay that most customers will probably face.
  • malice81
    I spent hours looking over all the features on Android phones, and I will admit, there are some truly beautiful phones out there. I have been an iPhone user for the last 4 years, in conjunction with my Macbook, and PC tower. I religiously use Chrome, as it's just better, and have no hatred for anything Google. The sad part is, the reason I was looking over so many videos is that I was seriously considering switching to an Android. Seeing people use the OS, it does look great and I do like the larger screens, but I have a couple points, just a couple, that are keeping me in the iPhone Sheep pen, do try and keep in mind I built my own PC and am very much a tech nerd:

    #1- The Apps. I have been a user for years, and have built up a decent library of shit I really don't feel like buying all over again. Games and stuff like that, not a big deal, but the bigger ones ( VNC programs, movie editing software, and a ton of other random crap ) are expensive to repurchase.

    #2- The build qualities. No matter what Android users wanna spout out, the build quality of the iDevices are just better, it's not rocket science. I have seen some really great ones that seemed to be on a par ( Motorola comes to mind ) but the current phones I really considered being the S3 and One X, just didn't have the feel I want. I thought about buying after market battery covers and / or cases to "change the build", but again, cost. Which leads me to my next point.

    #3- The cost of a good Android phone is almost the same as an iPhone. Looking at the devices I considered switching to, it was a wash in the 16GB 2 year deal. One major difference, the RESALE value. I just sold my iPhone 4 on ebay for $330 after using it for 2 years. Chock that up to stupid people if you like, but it's the truth, I sold it for the same price I bought it for.

    All in all I really like android, and it's not that I really like iOS more or that I'm used to it, it's just the prohibitive nature of making a switch. Do I wish I could have a removable battery, SD card slot, bigger screen, full customization, google maps, emulators, and ..... oh fuck it I'm getting a stupid Android....
  • iPhone 5 is Carphone Warehouse's Most Pre-ordered Phone
    I clearly knew that extremely overprice iphone5 will not be my phone. call me old fusion not to have an iphone 5 showing off while in the cafe all you want. I can't understand why would I have to pay the zenbook price for a iphone4s XL not much different than the first iphone in 2007. I dont need an A6 processor(double speed?) to play angry bird or taking photos. iphone 5 is like the the same wine in a new bigger bottle. go to hell apple.
  • memadmax
    Alot of iSuckers out there...
  • izmanq
    is there a way to verify this ? :D maybe this is just crapple ad :p
  • frombehind
    haha! suck it android haters =D

    Never underestimate the buying power of the tech un-savvy masses!
  • jerm1027
    It seems the less Apple puts into their products, the more sales it gets. Case in point: iPad 3 and iPhone 5. iPad 3, just upped the resolution and graphics horsepower to compensate. Grand scheme of things it's the same old iPad; breaks records. iPhone 5: bigger screen, finally has 4G, still behind current tech. Breaks records. I swear, Apple could slap their logo on literal dog-shit and I bet it would break 1 billion pre-orders. It boggles my mind.
  • Pennanen
    Baa baa!

    Little sheep :D