First iPhone 5S Images Possibly Leaked

Alleged images of the successor to Apple's iPhone 5 has surfaced two months after the smartphone's launch in September.

French Web site Nowhereelse showcased the purported pictures of the next iPhone, referred to as the iPhone 5S, from a forum run by iPhone5parts.

The images depict an iPhone that features an exterior similar to that of the iPhone 5, with the rear of the unannounced handset effectively passing as an iPhone 5 if the printed information wasn't replaced with an "x," which may suggest a prototype.

Inside the iPhone 5S, meanwhile, it shows different placement for the screws, as well as a few minor differences from its predecessor.

As for when the iPhone 5's successor is scheduled for a release, reports have tipped an early 2013 launch.


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  • Delengowski
    This is such a shock...
  • svdb
    Good thing I didn't buy the iPhone 5 and waited for the 5S. Perhaps I'll even wait for the iPhone 6 in fact, or 6S, or even 7, or 8, or 9... anyways, I love to just wait because by waiting I ensure I'm gonna have the next phone version I'm never gonna have. ;)
  • silverblue
    The 4S looked like the 4. No reason to expect the 5S not to look like the 5.

    At least the competition try to vary their phone designs...
  • Other Comments
  • Delengowski
    This is such a shock...
  • whiteodian
    Maybe it's just a 5??? Please watch the Conan skit where they went around with an iPhone 4s and asked people what they thought of the "New iPhone 5." Funny.
  • Vorador2
    Hey Apple, ever heard of the idiom: "Killing the golden goose" ?