Ellen DeGeneres Made Apple Angry With Fake Ad

Ellen DeGeneres Monday aired a spoof advertisement for the iPhone in which the talk-show host demonstrated how the touchscreen makes it very easy to accidentally launch the wrong apps or send text messages you hadn't finished typing.

However, it looks like the powers that be at Apple didn't find the joke funny. Yesterday, Ellen apologised for the video and explained that Apple had said her sketch made it look like the iPhone was hard to use. Ms. DeGeneres said she was sorry if it came across that way and assured audience members that she's a huge fan of Apple:

"I have an iPhone, Portia [De Rossi] has an iPhone. I just learned how to text on an iPhone; it's the only phone that I can text on and I love it. I love my iPad, I love my iPod. I love iHop if you have anything to do with that. So everybody at Apple, Steve Jobs, Mr. Macintosh, I apologize."

Check out the ad, along with Ellen's apology, below.

  • phoenix777
    I don't like Apple, but I like their products, o.O
    and they need to learn how to take a joke and have a sense of humor.
  • Glorian
    But it's ok for Apple to have "real" comercials that have false information. Hypocrisy at its best.
  • klavis
    well to be fair, texting with a touch pad is harder than a keypad. It takes time to get used to and I still can't text on a touch screen without having to look at the screen. This isn't just an apple problem though.
  • cobra5000
    The best part about it is that she ends up playing the fake commercial two days in a row. Nice job!
  • Hellbound
    Hey Apple.. Learn how to take a @#!%ing joke!!!! They are getting stupid in how they react to anything these days.
  • spunkymunky
    Jobs threatened to raid her house and take all electronics if she didn't apologize.
  • Marco925
    This commercial is way more accurate than the real ones.
  • orionantares
    Incoming raid on Ellen's home and show studio.
  • skine
    I'm not sure which is worse:

    Apple complaining about a joke or Ellen apologizing for it.
  • Bluescreendeath
    Ellen has no ballz to stand up to Apple - if she was a man, that is.