Intel Licenses Set Top Box RDK From Comcast

The company said it has licensed the Reference Design Kit (RDK) from Comcast. Not only will Intel be able to work with Comcast directly as a result, the company hopes that it will also be able to create platforms that can deliver new set top boxes based on Intel's processors around the globe. Since the company has completely dropped out of the smart TV market, set top boxes are a critical component in Intel's strategy to expand its presence in consumer electronics.

Intel said it is initially using its Atom CE4200 processor as well as its Puma-based cable modem in Comcast's X1G1 multi-tuner gateway.

"We are excited to be working with Comcast and the RDK ecosystem to evolve television with premium entertainment experiences on all screens in the home," said Alan Crouch, Intel vice president and general manager of the company's Service Provider Division, in a prepared statement. "With the RDK, TV will become more personal, social and immersive while keeping the TV viewing experience simple and fun. The ultimate winners are consumers who have more entertainment choices with powerful services that are easy to use."

Comcast is offering the RDK to OEMs, chip makers, software vendors, software integrators and multichannel video programming distributors to promote the development of new multi-screen TV home entertainment services that enables the company to tap new revenue opportunities.

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  • osamabinrobot
    whats a Lincese ???
  • Estix
    You know what they say, "Lincest is wincest"
  • The-Darkening
    I just want to know how this has managed to get published in this state. Even a spelling checker shows "lincese" as incorrect. WTF?
  • sstym
    osamabinrobotwhats a Lincese ???
    A lincese enables them to enforce intellectual porperty, much like a tadermark or a pantet.
  • TeraMedia
    Jeez Intel, Ditch the atom, use at least a Pentium with QuickSync circuits for ****'s sake.

    I've said it before. Gaming consoles are soon to become upgrade options from your cable provider, just as DVRs are today. And if you look at what cable-co's prevent competing technology from doing, you'll see why. Try watching on-demand PPV content with anything other than a rented digital STB and see how well that works. If this is a game about fair play and non-anticompetitive behavior, then the cable co's are winning, the consumers are losing, and the FCC has taken off their black-and-white stripes in favor of the cable co's team colors.
  • dr4k3
    Well its pretty simple. Intel is going to produce a set top box named Lincese that is manufactured by Comcast.
  • Teramedia, they probably want a low power fanless option. Why are people so against Atom I don't know. It is perfect for these types of applications. Not everything needs a Pentium.