First Intel dual-core PCs to ship on Monday

Santa Clara (IL) - Intel made it official on Friday: The company confirmed that system builders will start offering dual-core computers next week. The PCs will be based on the Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor.

AMD won the Gigahertz race five years ago, so Intel apparently did not want to second with the dual-core introduction again. Intel's PR department announced in a surprising email that dual-core PCs will be shipping from OEMs on Monday, April 18. System builders participating in the launch will be Dell, Alienware and "a couple of others", according to the message.

Intel however defines this "launch" as consumers being able "to fulfill their PC orders starting". Accordingly, the official launch of the dual-core processors will not happen on Monday.

Intel did not provide further details. Monday's introductions are also likely to be limited to the high-end Pentium Extreme Edition 840. Dell and Alienware already announced systems that integrate the processor. Pricing has not been officially unveiled yet, but Intel is reported to position its Extreme Edition at the very high end and around $1000 per processor - resulting in PC system pricing starting at about $3000. (THG)

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