Intel Misses Own Deadline in Elden Ring Driver Release Race

Elden Ring
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

At the time of writing, Intel’s purported launch-day driver with optimizations for Elden Ring is still missing in action, following the chip giant’s publication of a tweet and web page detailing a partnership with game publisher Bandai Namco. Credit to Videocardz for bringing this to our attention.

The graphics driver download page currently gets you an update from back in November, instead of the “Intel day-0 graphics driver on February 24th to ensure your system is optimized for Elden Ring when it launches”.  We have also spotted a link to a more recent driver, dated February 7, which is obviously before Elden Ring's release date.

The driver, for integrated graphics and not the anticipated Arc discrete boards, should make playing the graphically intensive game on lower-powered PCs less of an onerous experience, but don’t go expecting enormous iGPU performance out of a game currently making even PlayStation 5 owners choose between graphical effects and high framerates.

Released on February 24, Elden Ring, an action RPG developed by From Software and a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls games, is currently reviewing quite well, with 10/10 scores from both well-known gaming publications and the mainstream press, and a Metacritic average of 95% on PC. 

At the time of writing, AMD had the newest driver release, having got one out on February 24 with Elden Ring optimizations along with tweaks for Shadow Warrior 3 and GRID Legends, while Nvidia released its driver eleven days ago.

Ian Evenden
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  • coolitic
    It's unplayable on integrated anyways
  • spongiemaster
    coolitic said:
    It's unplayable on integrated anyways
    Yea, I'm wondering why they would preannounce a 0 day driver for an iGPU in the first place. Was it supposed to be for DG2 add in cards that they thought would be available now? That would certainly explain why there is no driver now.
  • cyrusfox
    Tweet is from Feb 16th right, maybe its ready but hasn't made it throuhg publishing, Intel likely still working out the kinks of frequent gpu driver updates.