IDF 2008: One Voice Technologies Announces Voice Control for Atom-based MIDs

Continuing on a theme of mobility that seems to be fairly prominent at this year’s IDF, One Voice Technologies has announced voice control for Intel-based MIDs.

On day zero, the Director of Intel’s emerging platforms lab, Mary Smiley, kicked off the pre-IDF hype with a talk about the development of a smarter MID capable of staying in tune to an individuals needs and surroundings with possible applications for monitoring a user’s health or similar. However, Smiley’s talk was based around a concept, a device that could be under mass production sometime in the future and while we’re all agreed smarter MIDs are on the way and devices like the one Smiley described would have a positive impact on the way we live our lives, the speech didn’t mention much in the way of what’s available in an MID for us today.

Bringing us back to reality from our daydreams of conceptual products that don’t yet exist, One Voice Technologies has announced MobileVoice. Anyone who was at CES will remember MobileVoice, a suite of applications that offers voice activated music, photos, videos and enables full internet browsing and voice search for MIDs based around Intel’s now almost ubiquitous Atom processor.

MobileVoice seems like a great idea but we haven’t actually has the chance to try it yet. It’s all well and good to say you can tell your device to play a particular Rolling Stones tune or search YouTube for a certain clip but that all depends on how sensitive the software is. There’s no point telling it to open one program and when all it gives you is Solitaire.

For more information on MobileVoice or other OVT products, visit but be warned, the site has fairly annoying theme music that loops the entire time you’re there.