Intel Shows New Logos, Star Rating System

Intel has revealed its new logos for the entire line of its CPUs, as well as a new star ranking system.

Remember back in the day when we could simply identify the capabilities of a CPU based on its generation or family name, coupled with its clock speed? Ah, those were the simple days. But with the divergence in thinking between efficiency and raw clock speed numbers, things soon got even more complicated through the use of model numbers.

Now there are other things to consider, such as cache, the number of cores and even special features such as Hyper-Threading. To help consumers, especially those who do not read Tom's Hardware, Intel is rolling out a five-star system that will rate each processor against various factors. Like with hotels and restaurants, the higher the star rating, the more expensive and better the product.

Predictably, the Core i7 processors all qualify as being five star rated, while the one stars are for the modest Celerons. Check out the chart below for the ratings good through September 2009.

Also of note from the chart above are the new Intel processor branding logos. Rather than being oriented in portrait view like what we're used to, as well as Microsoft's own logo stickers, the new ones are in landscape -- though do retain the same dimensions. Displayed most prominently on each logo are the specific branding of Core, Pentium, Celeron, Atom or Centrino with a die shot as a corner background.

"It's important for people to understand that we've got all these different brands, but we have a challenge when people come to retail," spokesman Bill Calder said to PC Magazine. "How do I distinguish between the Pentium and Celeron and Core and Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad?"

Will the new Intel logos and star ratings help consumers make more informed buying decisions? Will the new landscape-oriented stickers mess with your computer's mojo? Hopefully we'll soon have answers to these pressing questions.

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  • B-Unit
    Why do we have such a small picture? Would be nice if we could actually see the chart before we bash it...
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  • 08nwsula
    this scale will be obsolete as soon as new cpus come out
  • Marcus Yam
    08nwsulathis scale will be obsolete as soon as new cpus come out

    Which is exactly why this scale is only good until September 2009. Intel will release a new chart to reflect the advancements in product.
  • Anonymous
    This is a little deceptive, if only Core i7 is rated as 5 star, then what about the various applications where it shows little to no benefit over the previous generation? This is aimed at consumers who have lot's of money, but don't know much about computers(as if they weren't already all Mac users...).