Intel releases new 64-bit compilers, supports EM64T

Santa Clara (CA) - Intel today introduced new software compilers which allow developers to create applications for Intel's Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T). The products support AMD64 architecture and join the existing compilers for the Itanium 2 platform.

Now in version 8.1, the big news of the Intel compilers is the ability for software to access larger amounts of memory, which is generally referred to as EM64T for Xeon and Pentium 4-based servers and workstations. Besides the compilers, the products can be extended with with Intel's integrated performance primitives, the VTune performance analyzers and the firms's math kernel library.

Intel said, that the tools can also be used for future EM64T desktop processors. While these chips have not been introduced to the market yet, Intel said that it plans to offer the chips "when commensurate operating system support is available."

The new features of the developer software also provide boost for application performance across a variety of benchmarks, according to the company.

The C++ Compilers 8.1 for Windows and Linux are priced at $399 each; the Visual Fortran Compiler 8.1 for Windows, Professional Edition, rings in at $1399. The Visual Fortran Compilers 8.1 for Windows and Linux are listed for $499 and $699, respectively. The integrated performance primitives and the math kernel library are are priced at $199 and $399. The Vtune performance analyzers run for $699.