Intel Hopes New Batteries Can Reduce Ultrabook Cost

According to a report out of Taiwan, Intel is apparently looking at Sanyo's and BAK's 16650 cylindrical battery as well as prismatic lithium-ion batteries.

The cylindrical battery seems to be the device of choice due to its low cost, but its diameter of 16 mm makes it a challenge to be built into Ultrabooks, which, by Intel's definition, need to be less than 21 mm thick. A problem may also be that the market for these batteries is controlled by Sanyo and BAK and the supply is very limited. Prismatic are more expensive, but are only 5 to 6 mm thick, while using a greater footprint of 60 x 80 mm.

Digitimes noted that Acer is using the 16650 cylindrical battery in its Ultrabook while Lenovo is using a prismatic battery in its IdeaPad 530.

  • halcyon
    Perhaps Intel should woman-up and lower their CPU prices as well. I'm sure that wouldn't hurt Ultrabook prices either. Its good that they're looking to parts manufacturers to lower costs but they should do so themselves. You know? ...set an example.
  • jaquith
    And plenty of kids think school is a joke ... think about it.
  • Wisecracker
    Is there some ironing, here? Yeahhhhh ...

    It's the battery that costs too much.

  • Can you just use graphene?? It seems that thing is gonna solve all our problems!
  • aracheb
    AMD need to step up fast.

    Inter is raping the market.
  • jdamon113
    This is no supprise, battery technolgy is just now in the last few years starting to really change. For a long time they stood still and little was done.
    since the PC age and phone, there is a glut of R&D into this and they electronic tech - is advanceing at a higher pase. so Battery tech has some time to make up. But NOTE this. someone out there comes up with a new way that is low cost to manufacture and produce. Plue a alloy that is low cost. lithium is not cheap.
    some of the others internal are lower cost but the fab-process is way high.
    There is a huge gain for companies to do this. Personaly sanyo is top dog. But I know there is also a company in California that is working on new tech- but they will not fab them in the US> so ether way this is owned by sanyo.

    And no intel is not raping the market. Intel knows it has about 3 years left, then arm processors will be able to run a full desktop and maybe even low end server. They are trying be in the relm of arm at the x86 level .
    remember intel did at one point own xscale cpu's then sold it.
    I would say there regret that move now.

    AMD will soon be taken over, I am hoping for Qualcomm to do so.
    again just my take.
  • willard
    WisecrackerIs there some ironing, here? Yeahhhhh ...It's the battery that costs too much.Ironing? Surely you mean irony.

    Oh the ironing!
  • RealBeast
    Intel has very deep pockets, if they need better battery tech to sell CPUs they will probably go on a buying spree.
  • amigafan
    halcyonPerhaps Intel should woman-upWisecrackerIs there some ironing, here? Yeahhhhh ...I see what you did there xD
  • nebun
    one word "EXCUSES"