Create Your Own Dino Park In 'Jurassic World: Evolution'

In addition to exploring the vast reaches of the galaxy in Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments lets you create your own theme park with Planet Coaster. On today’s Xbox livestream show from Gamescom, the studio revealed that its next game will also let you create and maintain a theme park, but this time around you’ll show off dinosaur attractions in Jurassic World: Evolution.

We didn’t see any gameplay from the debut, but the pre-rendered footage gives us an idea of what to expect at launch. You’ll create containment areas for the many dinosaurs that populate Isla Nublar. Just like in the movies, some of the more dangerous creatures can easily escape their human-built prisons. By clearing out space on the island for fast responders, you can quickly quell the dinosaur threat before it eats other creatures or even the park’s many visitors. In addition to building attractions, you can also create research facilities and even use bioengineering methods to spawn new types of dinosaurs.

This isn’t the first game in the franchise that allowed you to create your own theme park on Isla Nublar. That accolade belongs to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, which was created by the now-defunct studio Blue Tongue Entertainment in 2003. Just like Operation Genesis, which was available on multiple platforms (PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox), Jurassic World: Evolutionis coming to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Frontier didn’t provide a specific release date for the game, but we do know that it’s coming sometime next summer.

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NameJurassic Park: Evolution
TypeTheme park management simulator
DeveloperFrontier Developments
PublisherFrontier Developments
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Where To BuyN/A
Release DateSummer 2018
  • ynhockey
    But will it be as good as Dinopark Tycoon?
  • RomeoReject
    "Can the dinosaur escape?"
    "You bet Jurassic can."
  • derekullo
    Must build faster!
    Must build faster!
  • beaulieu80
    They should instead create another shooter like they did in the 90s, I miss game guns...
  • Rykion1
    This reminds of the classic Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis! Even though it came out in 2003 that game is still highly entertaining and re-playable today. This looks like more of the same only with much more detailed graphics. Hopefully they keep the fun features like the dino-cam or the first-person park visitor perspective! Can't wait for this one to come out! :-)