Try Out A New Wingsuit In 'Sky Fortress' DLC For 'Just Cause 3' (Updated)

Update, 3/4/2016, 12 p.m. PST: The Sky Fortress DLC will be available on March 8 for those who own the Air, Land and Sea pass. It will be available to everyone else on March 15.

Sky Fortress is a new DLC pack that’s coming to Just Cause 3 in a few weeks. It’s the first leg of a broader expansion pass for the game collectively called the “Air, Land and Sea” package.

As the name suggests, Sky Fortress will show Rico assaulting an airborne base. The new location also means that he gets more weapons and equipment to use in combat. The Bavarian Wingsuit is a massive upgrade compared to Rico’s traditional wingsuit. It’s powered by rockets and includes an offensive suite of auto targeting missiles and shoulder-mounted machine guns. Rico will also use a new assault rifle and enlist the help of an Eviction defense drone.

The “Land” portion of the DLC is called Land Mech Assault, and it introduces a giant mechanical robot that can be used in the main game. It’s equipped with a so-called “gravity gun” that can pick up an object and launch it in any direction. The robot’s large size means it can withstand significant damage, but it’s also an agile machine so it can easily avoid attacks.

The third and final DLC installation is called Bavarium Sea Heist, but the developers at Avalanche Studios didn’t provide any specifics for the “Sea” portion. However, more details should be forthcoming in the coming months.

Sky Fortress comes out sometime in March, and it will cost you $11.99. Release dates for Land Mech Assault and Bavarium Sea Heist weren’t provided, but Avalanche Studios said all three packs should be out before the end of the summer. The entire package is also available for purchase for $24.99.

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