KFA2's GTX 780 HOF OC+ Comes with 6GB of Memory

KFA2, known as Galaxy in some parts of the world, has introduced a higher-overclocked version of its already-overclocked GTX 780 HOF – the GTX 780 HOF OC+. Not only is this card overclocked even further, it also comes with twice the graphics memory found on previous solutions.

The card looks identical to the original GTX 780 HOF from Galaxy, and it is based on the same board design. The GPU aboard the card is clocked in at 1019 MHz base and will boost up to 1071 MHz. It's not a great improvement over the older card, which was clocked at 1006 MHz with a 1058 MHz boost frequency, but what sets this card apart is the memory aboard. This card doesn't feature the standard 3 GB of GDDR5 memory, but rather 6 GB of memory clocked at the standard 6.0 GHz. All in all, pretty good specifications.

Cooling is taken care of by the massive triple-slot dual fan cooler, which is built with a dense aluminum fin array along with four 6 mm thick heatpipes. The shroud is made of both metal and plastic.

No exact word on pricing yet, although we can expect this card to be a tad more expensive than standard GTX 780 cards. We've reached out to KFA2 to ask for MSRP pricing; we'll let you know when we hear back.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Adroid
    I'll take the 3GB 780ti for that price segment, thanks!
  • soldier44
    Shouldnt we be hearing about the 800 series cards soon...
  • undercovernerd6
    Maxwell has been delayed due to fabrication issues. No word yet on release. Hence the recycling of year old tech. Sad realy I want to upgrade my 670 for a 870...
  • 10tacle
    Maxwell has been delayed due to fabrication issues. No word yet on release. Hence the recycling of year old tech. Sad realy I want to upgrade my 670 for a 870...

    ^^What you said. My SLI 680s are getting long in the tooth, and it's starting to show in newer games at 1440p. I need an upgrade NOW and am not sure I can hold out another 6-9 months before the top end 8-series come out. And likely when they do come out, they'll be as hard to get as the 680 was when it first came out (spend hours on NewEgg refreshing screens to see one in stock then lock it in the shopping cart and buy it *immediately*).

    WTF Nvidia???
  • fuzzion
    I was stuck with a GTX460 SLI for 1 year when i got the tasty gigabyte 780ti OC cards. These cards are a beast and without water cooling i got dx11 games running on 1.2ghz but with memory at 7ghz. Being DX12 compatible i am really excited.
  • mapesdhs
    For those who want to upgrade now, what people want are 780Ti with 6GB,
    not 780. If it's true that NVIDIA has canned 6GB 780Tis because they're
    afraid of harming Titan Black/Z sales, someone at NVIDIA needs a good
    slap round the head with a wet fish. The kind of people who might buy a
    Titan because of its pseudo-pro specs are not the ones who would buy
    a 780Ti 6GB instead if the latter was available, since the 780Ti doesn't
    have the relevant pro features. Thus, all they're doing is forcing gamers
    to either delay until Maxwell or buy AMD. Half the pro market can't use
    the Titan anyway - it doesn't have ECC (critical for all sorts of tasks),
    slow PCIe return path, missing cache features, etc.

    What is wrong with NVIDIA these days? It feels like they're running
    around dancing on the head of a pin. Just get the freaking 780Ti 6GB
    released and you'll start seeing sales to gamers who have money to
    spend. I can't see the same potential market bothering with a 6GB 780
    because it's so much slower than the 780Ti (who cares about oc'd 780s
    when there are plenty of cheaper-than-reference oc'd 780Tis?).

    Irony is, they'd sell a bunch more 6GB 780Tis to solo pro users
    who atm can't afford relevant cards (Titan/Tesla) and thus don't
    buy anything at all.


    If the price is right, I could see a few people buying these for sure. I think that the 780ti should have debuted with 6gb in the first place.
  • mapesdhs
    13588483 said:
    ... I think that the 780ti should have debuted with 6gb in the first place.

    I agree; it was said NVIDIA didn't release such a thing because they thought
    it would harm Titan sales, same IMO incorrect assumption they're making now.


  • quanger
    Man you guys must be loaded to want to upgrade when you're already running 680SLI. I'm still running a single 670 reference 2gb card. My next upgrade will be when single cards can handle 4k gaming.
  • mapesdhs
    Some of us tend to buy used previous-top-end cards. ;) I'm always a generation behind...