Kinesis Offers Keyboard Jockeys New Angles


Do you use a Kinesis Freestyle convertible keyboard? These are the kind which split apart down the middle and are tied together by a special tether allowing lots of adjustment of the front opening angle (splay). Great for ergonomics, or so we are told. Kinesis is offering some new accessories for its Freestyle keyboards to provide a "virtual Swiss army knife" of configurations.

The first of the new accessories is the Freestyle V3. These are accessory clips which attach to the base of the Freestyle "Solo" keyboard to allow for slope settings of 5, 10 and 15 degrees without needing tools. Optional palm supports can offer what Kinesis says is "further flexibility." The V3 can also be used with out the tether cable.

The more pricey new Freestyle accessory is the Ascent Multi-tent. It essentially allows one to tent the

keyboards vertical or variable while also providing for adjustable separation of the keying modules. Angles can be set for each module in 10 degree notches up to 90 degrees. Features of this accessory include being screw attached under the modules and a linking plate to keep the modules at the correct separation distance.

It is hard to imagine typing at a 90 degree angle - what would you use that for? Some type of radical PC gaming perhaps?