16 GB USB Flash Drives Now Middling

Kingston Technology tossed a few new USB flash drives out to the masses as it adds to an already way overcrowded computer accessories category. This time around we have its already released DataTraveler 400 and DataTraveler 100 jumping up to 16GB as well as a brand spanking new model - the DataTraveler 101. 16 GB drives are not quite at price levels that make them an impulse buy, but they’re about one step away from being sold at the counter of your local supermarket checkout.

The Kingston DataTraveler 101 looks to be targeting those who want a little more color in their USB flash drives. It’s available in three colors - cyan, pink and yellow - and sports a swivel design. Storage capacity on this USB 2.0 model ranges up to 8GB and included with the drive is special security software you can use to create a password-protected, secure area of the drive. Prices on this flash drive line ranges from around $14 to $44.

The DataTraveler 100, meanwhile, jumps up to 16GB, maxing out at $85. The 100 is one of the more simple of the DataTraveler drives, according to Kingston, offering a small form factor and a cap-less retractable USB connector. It doesn’t look as if it comes with any additional software and is only available in black in the 16GB storage size.

The DataTraveler 400, also up now to 16GB, will run you around $196. For this bundle of cash you get more of a business traveler’s flash drive, complete with faster data transfer speeds and synchronization software. You can find 16 GB drives in the $50 range and higher end versions under $100 so, the pricing seems a little steep, but it does provide some level of secure access to portions of the drive which may help explain the differential.