Kingston DT Micro Duo MicroUSB/USB Drive is Tiny Awesome

It was day zero, or press day, which always plays host to Digital Experience, Pepcom's pre-CES showcase for some of the hottest products at the convention. Right in our line of vision, as soon as we walked in the door, was Kingston.

Kingston announced a few new products for CES this year. First up is the DT Micro Duo, which is a USB stick with support for both MicroUSB and regular USB. Available in 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB capacities, we saw this little guy in action with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Kingston rep played back The Avengers movie right from the 'stick' (it's more of a nub), and there was no lag or latency issues. The movie played back smoothly.

Though the DT Micro Duo was on show at CES, it's not actually available yet, and Kingston didn't have any details for us on pricing. We do know that it will be out before the end of Q1 so we won't be waiting long for more news on this one.

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  • hotroderx
    Thats pretty slick and might be a way to expand storage on cellphones and tablets. I am curious to see what kinda pricing where looking at, if its reasonable I might have to pick one up.
  • vmem
    nice harddrive

    and Jane, you painted the Tom's logo on your fingernail? way to work that into the photos lol
  • shadowfamicom
    Love the nails! Made me smile. Wonder someday if you could put ads on them (Intel Inside, AMD....) and make some cash on the side!As for the drive, I like seeing these concepts with two ends. Although I find it generally cheaper just to get a $2 adapter from China and plug in any cheap USB drive (not to mention a keyboard, mouse, controller...). But this is for the more non-techy crowd, although i love the size, something you could easily attach to a phonestrap.
  • kmcentegart
    Giant hands!
  • roq999
    Like shadow said, there are OTG cables. Exact same thing as this except they are in more of a cable form.
  • Amdlova
    cannot be cetified for IOS. for ios 16gb 400 us 32gb 800 us
  • alxianthelast
    "from the 'stick' (it's more of a nub)"That's what she said.
  • pilsner
    Great, now finally make something similar with SD and microSD connectors, so that I am not limited to the 64GB microSD size limitation on my Android tablet and can use my 128GB/256GB SD cards. Without having to use some wonky glued-together adapter from China. I never understood anyway why tablets do not have full-sized SD card slots.