Kingston Launching Media Streamer This Month

Kingston Digital on Wednesday revealed the MobileLite Wireless G2, an updated version of its popular wireless media reader that enables customers to wirelessly transfer files from their smartphones, tablets and so on. The device also has a 4640 mAh 3.8 volt battery, allowing users to recharge their phone or tablet twice before the MobileLite's battery needs a recharge.

Unlike the company's Wi-Drive, the MobileLite line doesn't provide storage, but instead includes an SD card reader and a USB port for attaching external drives and USB sticks. However, because the MobileLite has a built-in Wireless N router, tablets and smartphones can connect directly to whatever is plugged into Kingston's device through the MobileLite Wireless app.

The new MobileLite Wireless G2 also includes an Ethernet port for broadband Internet on the go, and a USB port that supports a 3G dongle. Because of these two features, the company boasts that users can stay constantly connected.

"The device supports a direct connection from a 3G wireless Internet dongle and also has a direct Ethernet connection thus allowing MobileLite Wireless G2 to serve both as a portable router or shared network (NAS) drive," the PR explains.

The MobileLite Wireless G2 will ship later this month for an unknown price. We expect to have more details about the streamer by then, including how many devices can connect to the streamer simultaneously.

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