Laugh Off .44 Magnum Hits While Cruising In Style - BMW's 550i Security Series

Bangkok (Thailand) - If you're going to cruise around in an armored car, it might as well be a nice looking BMW. The German automaker was showing off its 2008 model of the armored 550i Security series at the Bangkok International Motor Show. While the series itself isn't that new, it was the first time we've seen the car in person. Of course we took all the obligatory pictures.

BMW announced the armored security series more than 2 1/2 years ago at the Frankfurt Auto Show and the line has been doing brisk business in today's security conscious world. The car is outfitted with 22 mm thick security glass and bullet-resistant aramid and polyethylene mats in the pillars, doors and floors. BMW claims the car meets a European VR4 ballistic rating which means car occupants will remain safe from multiple .44 Magnum impacts.