LG May Release Chrome OS Devices

TMWatch reports that South Korean technology giant LG Electronics may be gearing up to launch devices based on Google Chrome OS. The site claims that LG has applied for a host of Australian trademarks including "ChromeOne," "ChromeDesk" and "ChromeStation," all covering various technology devices. LG recently partnered with Google on the Nexus 4 and again with the upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone, as well as use Android on a number of mobile devices and HDTVs.

According to the site, the trademark submittals were made on October 16 by the Korean headquarters of LG Electronics and Australian legal representative Griffith Hack. They cover laptops, mobile phones and tablets as well as portable hard disk drives, set-top boxes, computer monitors, headphones, television receivers and more. All three trademarks are now listed as "Taken For Examination," and could possibly be fast-tracked given all other applications received that day are at an earlier stage.

PC World adds that these same three trademarks were filed in the United States with the USPTO on October 15. And like the Australian applications, all three are related to laptops, computers and/or tablets. ChromeOne could possibly be a Chromebook in the works, while ChromeDesk could be an all-in-one PC and ChromeStation a desktop. LG is presumably applying for the same trademarks in other countries as well.

As it stands now, LG just introduced its first Android tablet in the United States, and doesn't currently sell laptops or desktops in North America. Chrome OS may be a means for the company to enter the American market with laptop/AIO form factors, paving the way for computing products that are similar to its offerings overseas. Similar to many other OEMs, LG may also be looking for an alternative operating system to help generate revenue lost in the declining PC market.

PC World indicates that LG waited this long to produce a Chrome OS device thanks to a patent agreement with Microsoft, which would give LG the right to produce devices using Android and Chrome OS. This agreement is actually an extension of an existing agreement between Microsoft and LG that covers the latter company's Linux-based embedded devices. The new agreement occurred back in January 2012 and sparked rumors that LG would eventually create a Chrome OS device.

Why wait until now? Again, it may be due to the declining PC market. In the United States, LG has seemingly focused on smartphones, monitors and HDTVs. The company just recently revealed its Android-based LG G Pad 8.3 tablet, so a Chromebook shouldn't come as a surprise.

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  • BranFlake5
    So far I have been really happy with the products LG makes and if they put a great display in a Chromebook It will sell. Chromebooks need to gain more market share, most people don't need more but are convinced they do.
  • sykozis
    The cloud aspect of ChromeOS is what prevents most people from buying into it....regardless of their actual needs,
  • JD88
    Awesome to see LG and Google strengthening their relationship. Both are great companies. Hopefully these devices provide the midrange Chromebook I've been looking for.

    Today I was showing my family something on my Chromebook and they couldn't believe how fast it was.

    Chrome OS continues to impress me every day. Especially on days like today when family members call me mad because Windows is updating nonstop and shutting down in the middle of work sessions or when it suddenly decides the OEM product key with the laptop isn't valid after 2 years of working fine and needs to be re-entered. Or how about when some crap mechanical hard drive goes out and a ton of data, programs, and settings are lost. Or my favorite, the anti-virus software has expired and they want something insane like $50 a year and people think they actually need it.

    I think I'm going to buy my entire family Chromebooks so I don't ever have to do any more PC maintenance.