Lian Li Ensures RGB Fan Compatibility With Motherboard Makers' Lighting Software

It’s the little things, sometimes literally, that make system builders happy, so plenty of folks will be pleased to see that Lian Li outed a new RGB-lit case fan called the Bora Lite 120. But the new fan, which is essentially just a design tweak from the original Bora RGB, boasts a key feature that makes it far more compelling than Just Another Case Fan: It’s compatible with the proprietary RGB lighting software from motherboard makers.

The PC landscape is almost at maximum RGB saturation. You can get a version of virtually every component with RGB lighting, and all the major motherboard brands have their own software. Asus has Aura Sync, Asrock has PolyChrome Sync, Gigabyte has RGB Fusion, and MSI has Mystic Light Sync. Other component makers have their own lighting software, too. The problem is that almost all of them are proprietary and don’t work with one another.

That creates obvious problems when you’re trying to piece together a system build. With the Bora Lite 120, then, Lian Li is obviating the lighting sync problem by ensuring that the fan works with all of the aforementioned motherboard makers’ lighting software. We’re not sure what additional product development costs an OEM must incur to get even a simple fan certified to function with multiple proprietary softwares, but it’s not nuthin’, as they say.

The 120mm fan itself got a slight design upgrade from its immediate predecessor in the form of, as Lian Li stated it in a press release, “a stand-out aluminum frame to give it a more reflective property for improved visual appeal.” It has 12 RGB LEDs, and Lian Li gave it two connectors--one is a dedicated PWM connector, and one connects to the RGB controller. Lian Li also boasted that the Bora Lite 120 has hydraulic bearings and anti-vibration pads to keep things as silent as possible.

Forty bucks gets you a set of three Bora Lite 120 fans, in either black or silver. They’re available now.

  • Lucky_SLS
    3 RGB fans for 40 bucks without a hub. A pretty good deal tbh.
  • Karadjgne
    One small step for fans...

    But not yet complete. Only mentions mobo's, not the hubs like Corsair or TT uses