Snow Leopard Shipping August 28

Last week rumor had it that the most recent build of OS X 10.6 or Snow Leopard, 10A432, was the Golden Master. In other words, the last stepping stone before the OS hit retail shelves. This led experts to believe that Apple was going to launch Snow Leopard early: Friday, August 28, to be exact.

Originally scheduled to ship in September of this year, Engadget reports that the company's UK website yesterday showed an August 28 shipping date. Shortly after, the same date appeared on the U.S. website.

While some might consider this a confirmation that the company is planning to launch the OS next week, there was a little something else on the Apple website this week. The Snow Leopard version of the Mac Box Set appeared very briefly late Wednesday afternoon with a shipping date of "withing 24 hours." The product was soon pulled but not before someone snagged a screen shot of the Mac Box Set that includes Mac OS X 10.6, iLife '09, and iWork '09.

[UPDATE] Apple has since changed the Augusts ship dates to read September. Perhaps it won't ship in August after all.

  • kinless
    Surely you missed the follow up article (and update) saying all the ship dates were changed to say "September"
  • ubernoobie
    fuck apple
  • tayb
    Ah. Damn. Was hoping it would come out next Friday. Microsoft could learn a thing or two (or fifty) from Apple on how to price software. Wish Windows 7 would go ahead and launch while we are at it. Been using the release candidate for a long while now but would like to get a hold of a nice disc.
  • antilycus
    another OS update that kills all the machines that are PPC based...pass I was bitten (and infected) by the apple bug once... never again after the 10.5 release slowed my Dual Processor (not just dual core) 1.0ghz 3GB ram machine to Pentium 3 performance.
  • TwoDigital
    The picture has a line that says it includes the world's most advanced operating system. Is this copy of Windows 7 (or maybe it's a Linux distro) in ADDITION to the OS X 10.6 that is in the box?
  • heffeque
    Wow, TwoDigital, what a witty comment! Did you think that one up all by yourself?
  • ravewulf
    All I care about is if/when QuickTime X will be out for Windows. Hopefully they improved performance and provided a more complete version of H.264
  • SneakySnake
    haha, and you guys call us mac guys immature. The highest rated comment is "fuck apple"
  • The Schnoz
    Perhaps you should change the headline of the article or remove the article completely after you find out the story is inaccurate rather than just put a little update stating the whole point of the article was pointless. Perhaps.
  • tsiberious
    Oh boy, a cheap OS, oh... wait, this is a service pack...
    Oh boy, they are charging for a service pack!