'Mass Transit' Expansion For 'Cities: Skylines' Arrives May 18

Next month, you’ll be able to add more to your virtual city in Cities: Skylines. Colossal Order just announced that the game’s next expansion, titled Mass Transit, will arrive on May 18, and it adds some new features that will let you expand your public transportation system. We first saw them last month at GDC.

With the expansion comes four new public transportation options: cable cars, monorails, blimps, and ferries. With these new option plus the existing public transportation features, it would seem that your city can get even more hectic, but the Colossal Order developers made something to alleviate traffic. You can build a transportation hub that can house up to three types of public transportation so that your routes have a similar destination for your citizens.

For your cities that have different elevations, you might opt for the cable car. The developers said they chose it because for its flexibility. You can use it to easily transport people from a mountaintop city to the coastline in no time. The blimps seem to work best on large, sprawling cities, or you can use them as an alternative method of transporting people between cities that are separated by large bodies of water. Speaking of water, the ferries seem to have the most intricate features. You’ll have to set a precise route for your ship, and you can add more pier stops to make it even more efficient.


Other features from the update include new road types, bridges, and canals. There’s also a new set of challenges that will test your combined traffic and construction skills. In addition, you’ll see new unique buildings, policies, and achievements. The expansion will cost $12.99.

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