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This 60 Raspberry Pi Farm Simulates Data for a Medical Team

Arnaud Samson
(Image credit: Arnaud Samson)

A Raspberry Pi in the right place can make a difference—but 60 of them? Arnaud Samson and his team are about to find out how useful a Raspberry Pi farm made with 60 Pis can actually be. The system is used by his team to simulate data from a medical scanner.

Instead of using this massive farm for computing power, the team needed to utilize a large quantity of RJ45 plugs. According to Samson, this is necessary to pull off a simulation of the network load generated by one of their scanners.

To power the farm, the team uses a custom PCB alongside a Corsair gaming power supply.

This project is planned for presentation at the IEEE NPSS Real-Time Conference. Samson stated he may be able to provide a video demonstration or create a post highlighting the project in more detail after the conference.

In the meantime, you can check out this project in the original thread on Twitter. Be sure to follow Samson for updates on this cool Pi farm medical scanner simulator project.

  • pavian
    PACS machine with 60 Ethernet ports? Which one? Sounds like a nonsense to me. Everytime when I see posts like this I wonder if ppl needs to use RPi at any cost no matter what or if it has really some potential. I would rather grab one powerful server or some old one (last week I've got 3x R810 for free) and deploy OS and SW once...
  • neojack
    i hope they use custom software in order to manage them as a whole !