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Canadian Court Rejects U.S. Request For Unrestricted Access to Megaupload Servers

In a tweet, Dotcom announced that he has won "every court battle against the US Govt in New Zealand, Germany & Canada. Time for US courts to follow the trend."

Dotcom's note was based on a decision by the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario to reject a request by U.S. authorities to receive mirror images of 32 servers that were seized on January 19, 2012. The U.S. government argued that the systems were used as "database / number crunching machines" and should be examined forensically. The data volume is estimated to be "equivalent of that of 100 laptop computers".

However, the case is not closed as the judge found a lack of detail in what data would be disclosed and what not during a forensic investigation. Due to the volume of the data, the judge argues, there needs to be a clear definition of which data will be disclosed and which data will not. If the two parties are not able to agree on the data to be disclosed, the case may end up in court again.

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