Mellanox Technologies Absorbed and Rebranded As NVIDIA Networking

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According to a press release from Nvidia, the company has officially absorbed Mellanox Technologies after a lengthy acquisition phase and rebranded the new division as NVIDIA Networking

Over this past weekend, Nvidia changed the Mellanox website to the new branding, but didn't release any official press release announcing the change. The company also introduced a new @NVIDIANetworking Twitter handle for the networking segment of its business. 

Nvidia first announced plans to acquire Mellanox Technologies back in March of 2019. The $7 billion deal went through almost a year later in April 2020. Mellanox brought a new range of products to the Nvidia production line, including switches, NICs, and various hardware for networking and data centers.

When visiting the old Mellanox website, users are now redirected to Nvidia. A banner explains the new name change and rebranding to NVIDIA Networking.

This is a powerful, complementary combination of cultures, technology and ambitions. Our people are enormously enthusiastic about the many opportunities ahead.

Eyal Waldman, CEO and founder of Mellano

This development is just one small component of Nvidia's growth over the past year. As we previously reported in July, Nvidia is already approaching ARM with serious negotiation talks.

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  • Darkbreeze
    Well, this sucks. This means that the inexpensive SPF+ 10Gbps network cards that Mellanox was known for selling are likely going to either disappear or go up in price so that they are just as expensive as everybody else. They might as well just buy Microtik as well and eliminate the budget market in this area. I mean, let's face it, Nvidia has never been known for reducing the price of ANYTHING, or attempting to create any kind of budget segment. They only offer budget graphics cards because they basically have to in order to not surrender any more market share than necessary to AMD.