Konami Compensates 'Metal Gear Online' Players With In-Game Rewards After Rocky Debut

Last week, Metal Gear Online finally launched on consoles, more than one month after the initial release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Unfortunately, the service was plagued with connection issues, server instability, and even a chance of in-game textures not loading for a match. As a result, the game's publisher, Konami, apologized to players for the numerous online issues and also provided extra rewards.

The compensation for the early trouble comes in the form of 3,000 GP, the in-game currency, which is used to buy various equipment items for your soldier. In addition, those who activated their promotional code for a two-week experience point booster will get an extra week to make up for the various problems preventing a fast rise in player progression.

At the moment, the company said the online game is now stable, but it will still continue to improve the game both in features and overall support. After all, Metal Gear Online is not readily available for all fans. Those on consoles can have the game all to themselves until the PC gaming crowd joins the skirmish in January 2016.

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  • xenol
    How about getting rid of that silly separation of FOB resources with your original base resources? I hate having to log in just so I can get my 5+ million GMP back.
  • Simon Ayres
    and now you can buy internet connectivity insurance via micro transaction.