Sling Media Founder Joins Microsoft Xbox Team

Krikorian founded id8 Group R2 Studios, a company focused on developing home automation software for mobile devices, following the sale of Sling Media to Echo Star in 2007.

"We are thrilled to have Blake join the Xbox team," said Marc Whitten, chief product officer for IEB, in a prepared statement.

"He’s a proven innovator and well-respected leader in both the media and technology industries, having created simple, elegant products that have transformed the way people engage with and consume content. We look forward to his contribution to our team as Xbox continues to evolve and transform the games and entertainment landscape."

While Krikorian is best known for creating the Slingbox together with his brother, Jason Krikorian, he also served on the board of and co-founded the Philips Mobile Computing Group where he co-led the team that created the Velo 1 Windows CE handheld PC.

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  • wannabepro
    He probably just wanted to know when the new Xbox was coming out. And what the specs would be..
  • mman74
    Or more likely they wanted him for his experience and cloud computing, gaming, media distribution will form an important part of the next 720.
  • Well do something fast because the crapbox has seen its better days, its so out of date hardware wise now its laughable.
  • dimar
    Me getting PS4 or XboX NeW will depend on which one's more powerful!!!!!!!
  • dakkon
    dimarMe getting PS4 or XboX NeW will depend on which one's more powerful!!!!!!!
    For me I will get the one that has better game listing.. power means shit if there is no good game to play with..