Microsoft Surface Pro's $100 Price Cut is Made Permanent

Earlier this summer, Microsoft cut the price of the Surface Pro. Originally billed as a back-to-school sale, Microsoft announced a $100 price cut in early August, and the price was supposed to go back up on August 29. However, instead of climbing back up to the original price, Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that the price cut would be permanent.

Speaking to AllThingsD, the company lauded the consumer response to the new pricing but made no mention of how the new prices have affected sales of the machines.

"The customer response to recent Surface pricing and keyboard-cover promotions has been exciting to see, and we are proud to begin rollout of Surface Pro, Touch Cover and Surface RT bundles at even more affordable prices starting August 29," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "People who buy Surface love Surface, and we're eager for more people to get their hands on this incredible device."

Launched with Windows 8, the Surface line hasn't exactly been the roaring success Microsoft had hoped for, and a permanent discount doesn't exactly reflect well on the brand. Microsoft in July revealed that it was forced to write down $900 million for Surface RT due to a lack of sales, and then finally admitted that both Surface RT and Surface Pro had only generated $853 million in revenue since their debut in October 2012. However, that's not to say Microsoft is giving up on Surface. Nvidia this month confirmed that it's working on the second generation of Surface RT. No doubt there will be another Surface Pro, too.

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  • stevejnb
    Good. Great product and, while reasonably priced based on hardware standards, it needs a bit of a price perk to make an impact - especially with the $100+ price of the type/touch covers. Another $100 wouldn't hurt, or just drop the bloody price on those covers... MS has a good product but are too focused on making a profit to make a beachhead into the mobile market.
  • Novuake
    I really would not mind one of these... I do not even understand how they are not selling?
  • stevejnb
    Novu... People think "tablet" and they think "iPad." People go in to look at tablets and they see some other Microsoft product that costs a hell of a lot more sitting there. They don't necessarily realize that it's in a whole other league hardware wise... They just know that the word "tablet" = cheap PC for media consumption, a bit of e-mail and web browsing, maybe a document in class. The general mindset isn't that "A tablet could replace my PC."

    May change, but that's where we stand. If MS wants to change this mentality, they better stop taking a loss.